Era O Hotel Cambridge

Direct by Eliane Caffé
2016 / 1h36'
Produced by Aurora Filmes
In corpoduction with Tu Vas Voir

Shows the unusual situation of homeless Brazilians movement and refugees that squat together an abandoned building in downtown Sao Paulo. The daily tension caused by the treat of eviction reveals the dramas and joys.

Prix et Festivals

International film festival of Munich – Film festival of Göteborg – Black Nights Film Festival of Tallinn- Mostra, International Film Festival of São Paulo – International Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro – International Film Festival of San Sebastiàn (SSIFF)

Equipe Artistique

Scriptwriter : Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu, Inês Figueiró
Cinematographer : Bruno Risas
Art director : Carla Caffée, Escola Da Cidade
Editing : Marcio Hashimoto
Sound engineer : Juliano Zoppi, Miriam Biderman

With the support of Agencia Nacional of Cinema (ANCINE), Fundo Serorial of Auiovisuel (FSA)